Amelia and I are strutting around today, pleased as punch because we just received 2 copies of the Berlin based lesbian magazine, L.MAG where we currently have a 8 page spread of photographs from Embodiment!!  We haven’t found a translator to tell us what it says yet but we’re hoping that it’s good.  If you’re lucky enough to speak German you can zoom in by clicking on the image below, or grab a copy for yourself through April!

L.MAG - Germany, March/April 2010


3 responses to “L.MAG

  1. Thought I’d translate for you all:
    The art project is named “Embodiment.” How do lesbians and transpeoples look in the USA? Can small symbols stand for something else? Or are cliches simply mangled information? These questions are asked by Seattle photographer Molly Landreth.
    “Before I began with “Embodiment” there were only photos of stereotypical looking lesbians, and when the look wasn’t just surface, then it was terribly theoretical and top heavy,” explained Molly Landreth to LMAG. So In 2005, the 31 year old photographer set out to paint a comprehensive, honest, and multifaceted picture of lesbian and queer life in the USA. She began photographing with in her won circle of friends, but now almost 5 years later she also photographers models found through the internet.

    Since 2009, she has expanded this project, together with Australian filmmaker Amelia Tovey, to add the medium of film. “Last year we traveled through 18 states to collect interviews, portraits, and film material from over 25 LGBTs,” reported Molly. Currently the collection is in Germany: til the 12 of March “Embodiment” is located in the Amerika Haus in Munich.

    If anyone wants the translations for the captions I can do those as well. Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks so much Tabby, we really appreciate the translation! xox Molly & Amelia

  3. I was really happy to see this spread LMAG. I had seen the exhibition in Tübingen before (which is where I live) and really loved it and I am just glad to see that more people in Germany get the chance to see your work. 🙂

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