Thanks so much to all of you who went to the opening of Select Gender at the Farmani Gallery last Thursday!  It was so much fun to get photographs and text updates sent to us through out the night!   Here’s some info about the exhibition straight from the Farmani Blog.  Select Gender will be on view until May 22…don’t miss it!

The awaited reception of Select Gender finally took place this past Thursday at the Gallery, and could not have turned out in a better way. The exhibit became the catalyst of many discussions on gender perceptions in the United States and abroad. Curators, photographers, and enthusiastic visitors engaged in conversation as they appreciated the various forms of gender representations depicted through the photography of Daniel Aguirre, Carl Bower, Caleb Cole, Jason Hanasik, Jamil Hellu, Kate Hutchinson, Katie Koti, Diane Russo, J. Aiden Simon, Sarah Sudhoff, Molly Landreth, as well as the documentary installation by Amelia Tovey + Molly Landreth, and a blog installation by Monique Bergen Henegouwen.

Welcome to the gallery.

Embodiment photo + video installation

A packed house!


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