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A Portrait of Queer (Married) Life in America

As Washington State puts the issue of gay marriage on the fast track I can’t help but get an excited flutter that my home-sweet-home-state is about to make a lot of people very happy.  I’ve never been one to say that marriage is right or necessary for everyone, but I do happen to think that it’s particularly medieval to not have the choice!

I want to hear from some of you married queer folks out there.  I want to know; are you queering what it looks like and feels like to be married and possibly the hertronormative expectations that go along with it?   I want to hear from those of you who are planning a wedding – how is (or isn’t) your wedding queer??

I won’t often cross promote on this blog but I feel like today it feels right, as we inch closer and closer to passing this bill, and my two worlds threaten overlap.  For the last year I have been photographing weddings.  It happened on accident when my (straight) little sister had the queerest wedding I’ve even been to.  My heart burst open and I saw the tradition and event with new eyes.  I’ve been hooked ever since, and just made this website as a way to promote the work.   BUT…I really would love to photograph MORE QUEER WEDDINGS (duh!).  Come on Washington (or anywhere really!) say I Do.  www.mollylandrethweddings.com