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TOP 10 UPDATES – since I last blogged.

Hey y’all it’s been awhile since I dusted off the wordpress, so here’s the run down of what’s been going on:

1.  A major portfolio from Embodiment was featured in the French publication, M, Le Magazine du Monde as a reaction to President Obama’s latest support for gay marriage.  Pretty awesome. Check it out HEREImage

2.  Several portraits from Embodiment will be a part of the exhibition, Elles @SAM Gallery, at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery this Fall in conjunction with the, Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris exhibition which will be featured in the main museum.  Stay tuned for more details.

3.  Inspired by all the women in art and photography programing that will be happening around Seattle this Fall, I have been asked to teach a class on Women in Photography at the Photo Center NW starting this September!  If you’re interested, register now…HERE!

4.  This October in Munich Germany, Amerika Haus and Pasinger Fabrik will team up to co-produce what will surely be a show stopping exhibition.  Next Generation: Contemporary American Photography, will feature a large selection of work from Embodiment, next to photographs by Alec Soth, Amy Elkins and many more.  More on that soon!

5.  Inspired by work discovered in the Embodiment project I have received some very fun requests for similarly styled editorial work.  I trudged into the woods to photograph a “once lost, now found” hiker in Oregon to illustrate an exclusive story in Marie Claire Magazine’s July Issue and I rearranged the office furniture at the Gates Foundation for a quick photo shoot with Melinda Gates for Newsweek.  (The Newsweek story ended up changing and the photo wasn’t published – but the experience was an honor regardless!)


6.  Taking the “intimate portrait” one step further, I’ve been photographing some very extraordinary weddings lately.  As a result, I have become really interested in noticing how this ritual of marriage gets acted out in so many wildly different ways.  One day that particularly stood out for me was spent on the magical Lummi Island on the prettiest day we’ve had this summer.  Check out the portfolio HERE!


7.  This spring I had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit my work at several places around Seattle, in support and response to the Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, exhibition which was welcomed into the Tacoma Art Museum (via the National Portrait Gallery and The Brooklyn Art Museum) around the same time.  These shows were,  Author and Subject: Contemporary Queer Photography which took place at the Photographic Center NW and Under the Rainbow: Images By and About Gay Men and Women at the Greg Kucera Gallery (In association with the Gail Gibson Gallery and Platform Gallery).


8.  Last winter I was honored to be a part of an exhibition at Platform Gallery, One More Kiss Then We’re History, sharing wall space with Cobi Moules, Kelli Connell, Steven Frost, and Steve Locke.

9.  Very recently I was able to collaborate with local musician Sera Cahoon on promotional images for her new album Deer Creek Canyon, released September 25th on SUB POP Records.  We had a great time wheelbarrowing my camera equipment through the beach to get to this sweet little cabin on Vashon Island.  You can see some images from the shoot and listen to her single HERE

10.  Last but not least, I turned 34 this month and had an epic Northwest style birthday which spanned three little islands, a breakfast with friends, a lunch with family and a sweet dinner with my puppy Lewis Jr. and my VIP Kennedy. …You don’t get any better than that.